Wally’s Cave – Lions Head

OTC Adventures, does regular hikes up Lions Head, either early to watch the sunrise, during the day or our memorable Sunset Hikes, loved by the romantics at heart!   Wally’s cave is a must stop on these hikes.

Wally’s Cave, a sheltered cave on the path on Lions Head, was named after Wally Struthers, a British-born and keen Scout member who immigrated to South Africa in 1925 and who loved the mountain!  He was a life member of the Scout Mountain Club (SMC) and the Mountain Club of SA (MCSA) and at the age of 73 was still climbing Table Mountain 4 times a week.

He was affectionately known as Uncle Wally and had an incredible positive outlook on life.  His standard reply to the question – “How are you?” was, “No complaints, life is good to me!”  On his 100th Birthday, the Mountain Club of SA hosted a celebration for his long service and hard work.  As Wally aged he set his sights lower from Table Mountain, to regular trips up Lions Head and then to regular trips around Kirstenbosch.  Part of his legacy is that he built up water pools and sheltered caves on the mountain in various places.

Wally passed away in 2013 but will always be remembered!

Come hang with OTC Adventures at Wally’s Cave!